. Overview – UniForum@UofT

UniForum is a data collection and benchmarking program that we are using to evaluate the distribution and effectiveness of services at the University of Toronto. The program is designed to provide us with information about end-to-end processes and resourcing of services and activities that support our academic mission and purpose. It also provides insight into the satisfaction levels of our core services.

Fifty plus post-secondary institutions worldwide have adopted UniForum— including 7 in Canada, 23 in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and 25 in Australia and New Zealand. Each university participating in the UniForum program conducts its own data collection, while following the same rigorous process and framework to allow for benchmarking of the data.

Step 1: Service Effectiveness Survey
The Service Effectiveness Survey provides a closer look at end-users’ satisfaction levels with our core services.

Step 2: Service & Activity Data Collection
The Service & Activity Data Collection looks into 150+ services and activities, provided by both suppliers and employees of the university. Our goal is to better understand — at an organizational level — how we deliver specific services and where those services are housed.

Step 3: Participant Experience Survey
The Participant Experience Survey is a short, optional questionnaire that seek feedback from members who participated in the Service & Activity Data Collection. This item provides feedback to the Executive and Steering Committee on the UniForum@UofT experience.

With the data we have now and the data to come, we commit to being thoughtful about the information gathered, seeking opportunities to better understand the ways of working at U of T, and continuing conversations with interested stakeholders.


2022 Data Collection Timeline




Selected Key Dates

2022 UniForum Selected Key Dates


For U of T employees completing in this year collection, please go here for more information and resources.